Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mallika Sherawat demanding a whopping sum for jewelery add ....

Call it the after effects of all the adulation and attention she has been receiving from Hollywood, because if the buzz in the industry is to go by, Mallika Sherawat is demanding a whopping sum for doing an advertisement for a jewellery brand.

From what we hear, a leading jewellery brand recently approached Mallika to be its brand ambassador. But the siren quoted a huge sum of money - Rs. 10 crore, it is believed - for her services.

According to a source, given the fact that Mallika has been able to make her mark in Hollywood and has two American films coming up - director Jennifer Lynch’s Hissss and William Dear’s Love Barack - she feels she is in a position to lift a brand’s image to the international level. Hence the hike in her fee.

This fact isn’t amiss on the jewellery brand as well. For we learn that the brand is seriously considering Mallika’s demand for a fatter pay cheque.


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