Sunday, 13 February 2011

Gorgeous babe Joanna Krupa showing off her body curve

It’s been a while since we last had a HOT69 article on our site and the best way to finish this week in style is with a new article in this feature. This time we’re about to show you the 69 hottest pictures with Joanna Krupa, a gorgeous babe who quickly became one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels.
I really don’t know how she became that popular over night because a couple of years ago she didn’t even exist for me. Yeah, she’s a really hot model with perfect 32-24-32 measurements who looks incredibly hot in bikinis and lingerie but that’s just not enough to become a sensation over night. Or maybe it is?
Joanna Krupa was born in Poland but she has lived most of her life in America since she moved with her family here at the age of 5. In these last years she was featured in many many mens magazines but her fame grew a lot when she appeared in the hit TV show “Dancing with the stars” and then she decided to take her clothes off her Hugh’s magazine.
“Sexy” is a term that seems embarrassingly inadequate when describing Joanna and besides having that stunning body this girl also has a certain gaze that surely attracts a lot of people. I’ve seen many haters on forums that think she’s fake and stupid but heck, I’d still tap that if those things are actually true.
Last year she was even voted the Sexiest Model in the world and that’s something really big. We won’t list the magazines where she appeared or the popular designers for whom she worked because the list is really long and boring. So we’re going to let you enjoy the 69 hottest pictures with Joanna Krupa instead.
There are probably tons of sexy pics with this peach and here are just a few of ‘em.


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