Saturday, 12 February 2011

Brazilian supermodel Daniela Freitas Hot photo shoot

Daniela Freitas
Daniela Freitas is a young Brazilian supermodel and well… that should be enough for any of you guys if you’re wondering how hot she is. She’s a new sensation from this country and with her tight little body and sultry eyes she could be the next Adriana Lima if you’d ask me.
This peach has the right curves in all the right places and apparently she really really loves to pose in lingerie. I hope she also likes to walk around the house all day long in skimpy lingerie because I’d definitely love to share my house with her. You’d like that too, right?
Anyway, Daniela Freitas recently showed off her delightful body for the new “Joge” Lingerie collection looking absolutely stunning as usual. The lingerie is ok but when you see Daniela wearing it it goes from ok to oh my god! That’s it for the day my peeps!


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